Why Agri-Tourism in the UK is Highly Attractive to Tourists

Agri-Tourism in the UK

As traditional farming becomes more competitive and challenging, farmers are finding new ways to diversify the farm and attract a different kind of customer. One promising option we help farmers realise is introducing glamping pods and lodges on their land, called Agri-tourism in the farming world and a movment we find popular here in Wales.

Today we will explore the benefits of glamping sited on farms and why it is been a popular choice for farmers looking to diversify.

Agri-tourism is a well-known term and it means farmers can monetise their land and other resources in ways that are not possible 30 years ago in traditional farming. By offering a range of activities, such as timber-made glamping site for farm stays and farm tours, and pick-your-own produce, farmers can create unique and memorable experiences that are highly attractive to tourists. Farmers do this to generate additional revenue streams that can supplement their income, creating a more sustainable business model.

Secondly, introducing a glamping site showcases the unique aspects of a farm, such as heritage breeds, organic farming, farmers can appeal to consumers who are increasingly interested in where their food comes from and how it is produced. This helps build a loyal customer base and increase sales, both on and off the farm.

Finally, Agri-tourism especially glamping sites also benefit local communities by creating jobs and boosting the local economy. With more tourists using farm stays as unique accommodation more people visit an area, and there is a higher demand for local services restaurants, and shops. This can create new jobs and business opportunities that can help to support the local economy.

In conclusion, glamping pods and lodges have been a real benefit for farmers looking to diversify their farms and attract new customers. By offering unique and memorable experiences, showcasing their unique aspects, and contributing to the local economy, farmers can build a more sustainable and profitable business model that benefits everyone involved. So if you are a farmer looking to diversify your income and take advantage of this hot trend, come and speak with us about the different timber structures we build made especially for glamping farms.  A great publication to sign up to give you more information, particularly on farming diversification is The Farm Diversity publication.  If you want to research further a visit to the Farm Business Innovation Show is well worth a visit held in November in Birmingham NEC.  

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