The History of Glamping

We build glamping pods for the leisure industry, but it all started for the Kings & Queens of Scotland.

The industry and word ‘glamping’ started right here in Britain, and now the whole world uses the term ‘glamping’. In 2016 the word ‘glamping’ was officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary, and this was around the time Mike Richards had started making timber pods with his father.  Did you also know the name “glamping” was given to the luxurious tents in a diplomatic summit in 1520 between Henry VIII of England and Francis I of France?

How has it been made such a success, and did Glastonbury make Glamping famous?  Rumour has it that it may have started in the 16th century in Scotland, when Earl Atholl prepared a glamping experience for his visiting King James V. The earl is said to have bought the most luxurious tent and decorated the entire tent with lavish objects from his own palace.

Glamping pods, also known as luxury camping pods or eco-pods, are a relatively recent development in the world of outdoor accommodations, and the speed at which it has taken hold of the country has been phenomenal. Glamping is so popular now because of the unique and comfortable camping experience (no need to rough the outdoors anymore) blending the charm of camping with the convenience of modern amenities. The earliest forms of a style of glamping pod in the modern world can be traced back to the concept of tiny houses or small modular living spaces. These structures emerged as a response to the growing demand for sustainable and low-impact accommodations in natural environments. They offered a way to experience the outdoors without compromising on comfort and convenience.

The first notable examples of glamping pods emerged in the United Kingdom in the early 2000s, the UK was the first to coin the phrase Glamping. Their popularity quickly grew, and they became an attractive option for both leisure travelers and well-heeled eco-conscious couples. As the concept gained momentum, glamping pod designs evolved and diversified. Some are equipped with luxurious features like hot tubs, private decks, and panoramic windows, BBQs, solar panels they offer an elevated glamping experience.

Glamping pods have expanded beyond the United Kingdom and have become popular in many parts of the world, including Europe, North America, and Australia. They are often found in scenic and natural locations, such as national parks, forests, and coastal areas. Many glamping sites now offer a variety of pod accommodations, allowing guests to choose the style and level of luxury that suits their preferences.

In recent years, the sustainability aspect of glamping pods has become increasingly important. Many pods are designed to have a minimal environmental impact, incorporating eco-friendly features like solar power, rainwater harvesting systems, and sustainable building materials. This focus on sustainability aligns with the growing interest in responsible tourism and eco-conscious travel practices.

Apart from the Kings & Queens of Scotland, the history of modern glamping pods is relatively short but rapidly evolving. Our pods and lodges have quickly gained great popularity as there is nothing better than to experience nature without sacrificing comfort, versatility, and sustainability making them a compelling option for glamping sites to offer tourists seeking unique and eco-friendly accommodations.

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