Some things to think about when setting up your glamping business

So, you are thinking about setting up a glamping business, or you may be thinking about improving or expanding a site you already have. This short blog post will give you some things to think about along the way.

  • Planning permission and possible change of use of land – get in touch with your local planning department for advice (we can also help you with your application if needed).
  • The site should be accessible and secluded if possible.
  • Space. When people are looking for the ideal break they want to have their own privacy, so ensure there is enough space between each pod.
  • Mains water supply, foul drainage and electricity are essential.
  • Do your research – market research is important. Who will be your target market? What type of accommodation will be best suited to your target audience and the space which you have.
  • Marketing – think about how you will market your business. How will you get people to book? Will you use a booking systems provider like Check our booking system service for more info about
  • Added extras – will you be adding any extras for your guests? Breakfast hampers? Hot Tub? Activities on site? What can you offer to create an experience they wont forget?
  • And finally, remember to get feedback! Feedback is important for any business to ensure you are getting things right, and to change things if you are not quite hitting the mark.