Obtaining Planning Permission

Setting up a new glamping business can be exciting and rewarding, however, acquiring the appropriate permissions can be complicated. We offer a planning service which specialises in acquiring permission for glamping developments across the UK.

How does it work?

Our Planning Consultant Gethin, will meet with you to undertake a detailed site appraisal to ascertain the suitability of your land for development. A qualified Architect will then present feasibility options to show how you can maximise the potential of your site and then work with you on the design. Once you are happy a detailed planning application will then be submitted to the Local Planning Authority on your behalf.

The Glamping Planning Process

All aspects of the planning application are then managed by our Planning Consultant who has the appropriate experience in the leisure and tourism sector. We then provide professional town planning advice and services to clients within the leisure and tourism sector and have obtained planning permission for multiple developments within the local area.

What is Included?

  1. Full Drawing Pack (Existing site plan, proposed site plans etc)
  2. Site Visits
  3. Feasibility Study
  4. Planning Statement
  5. Liaising with third party surveyors/contractors
  6. Liaising with Local Planning Authority

Please contact us to arrange a free no obligation appraisal.


At Cedar Tree Pods we take quality seriously; in fact, it is our core principle as a business.

From the quality of the materials chosen, the attention to detail, and the high level of craftsmanship we put into everything we do. We take huge pride in every pod we make which is why everyone comes with a plaque to remind you of our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

All our pods come with a 10 Year structural guarantee; this simply means our pods will keep their structural integrity for this as a minimum. However, because of our ethos to building, we fully expect our pods to last decades. There is also a 12-month workmanship Guarantee including all third-party products used in the construction to give you peace of mind that you are buying a true asset that will serve you, your family, and your business for generations.

Terms and conditions apply, please see terms and conditions for details.

Booking System from and Hoseasons

Market leaders for UK self-catering holidays, and Hoseasons boast over 45,000 unique places to stay across the UK from pods, treehouses, and log cabins, to traditional cottages and luxury modern spaces

Proven to generate year-round bookings for their partners through their unrivalled marketing reach and multi-million-pound marketing investment, and Hoseasons are experts in holiday rental accommodation sending over 2 million customers on holiday every year.

Over 5 MILLION reach via email database

Over 42 MILLION unique website visitors

Over 26 MILLION reach via TV/VOD

Ensuring you can maximise the return on your pod accommodation investment will be, of course, a top priority and the expert business development team at and Hoseasons can provide a spectrum of services to set your holiday rental accommodation up for success.

Whether you are an owner of a single pod accommodation set on private land, through to a larger established location with multiple units and Hoseasons specialises in offering tailored partnerships which work for your individual holiday rental.

“Stepping into this industry as complete newbies was daunting, we were pitched so many flash brochures with empty promises. We really didn’t know which way to turn but after a visit from the team at Hoseasons we knew we had found our partner – they understood our offering and market better than we did, had reams of data on similar parks so comparisons were no problem but most importantly they offered an account manager with a direct dial number. So, if we do ever have a problem, we know they are only a phone call away. 5 years on our working relationship goes from strength to strength as we evolve and grow as a company together.”

Nick Ridgment / Windmill Retreat, Somerset

Revenue driven by Pod accommodation alone in 2021 saw a +120% uplift vs 2019

Customers are willing to spend more on Pod accommodation than ever before with a +56% uplift in average weekly rate vs 2019

Pod accommodation achieved a ‘sell out’ summer in 2021 across the portfolio

The ‘Bouja’ Collection

Hoseasons’s Bouja collection specialises in targeting quirky and cool accommodation to customers looking for a unique place to stay ranging from pods, to treehouses, safari tents to yurts.

To find out more, or to talk to us about how and Hoseasons could help you make your holiday rental a success click here

Fancy a Hot Tub alongside your pod?

A hot tub is the perfect addition to any glamping pod or build.

Recent surveys suggest that rental properties with a hot tub perform up to 54% better than those who don’t. But why? People want something which is going to add excitement to their holiday and a new experience for the whole family. More and more people are searching for holidays with hot tubs and the more searches you appear in, the more bookings you will likely get!

RotoSpa are a family owned and operated business, who manufacture hot tubs and spas in the Midlands. Their high performance spas are unique in the way they have been designed, built, engineered and insulated. You are assured of purchasing a high quality product as they only use the very best components and latest technology all backed up by a manufacturers warranty.

RotoSpa hot tubs are built to last and manufactured to perform. The spas are extremely reliable and built using the latest parts and technology.

For more information about RotoSpa, get in touch:

Marketing Your Glamping Business

Attracting customers requires more than just providing a unique camping experience. A solid understanding of marketing and promotion is key. Our marketing team is ready to assist you in optimising your glamping business’s potential.


To get you started, we’ve outlined a marketing plan that provides structure and guidance:


  1. Define the Target Audience: Your first task is to identify and research your target audience thoroughly. Seek tutorials on YouTube and gather insights to understand your perfect guests—the individuals who will truly appreciate and enjoy a holiday with you. Understanding your target market is the cornerstone of business success.


  1. Understand the Competition: Research your competitors to gain insights into their offerings, pricing, and unique selling points. Identify what sets your glamping pods apart and use that knowledge to your advantage.


  1. Develop a Unique Value Proposition: Utilize your research to craft a unique value proposition for your glamping pods. Highlight the distinctive features and benefits that make your offerings stand out in the market.


  1. Create Compelling Marketing Materials: Develop a cohesive brand identity, ensuring that your marketing materials reflect the unique value proposition of your glamping site. Invest in a visually appealing brand,  website, engaging videos, and impactful social media posts to captivate your target audience.


  1. Leverage Booking Services: Consider partnering with booking services to increase your business’s exposure. Companies like,, and Canopy and Stars have already amassed a large following. While they charge for their services, the return on investment outweighs the challenges of your starting cold and from scratch.


  1. Provide Exceptional Customer Service: Foster a positive reputation by delivering exceptional customer service. Encourage guests to leave reviews on platforms like TripAdvisor, Trustpilot, and Google. Positive feedback generates referrals and amplifies your online presence. Most people refer to one of these sites to gain a feel of your hospitality.


By following these steps and adapting them to your unique business needs, you’ll be on your way to effectively market your glamping site. For personalised guidance and further assistance, feel free to reach out to our marketing team. Together, let’s take your glamping business to new heights of success. You got this!