Fancy a Jacuzzi alongside your pod? Make sure you read this first..

A Jacuzzi is the perfect addition to any garden or pod! However, there are a few things you need to know before you take the plunge!

If you are a business offering a Jacuzzi as part of your pod/glamping experience, new legislation has come into play. Have you heard about the HSG282 legislation? If not, read on to find out how it could affect you.

As well as guidance for those operating commercial-type systems, there is also specific advice on domestic-type spa pools or hot tubs used as part of a business activity, for example in holiday park rental units.

What is HSG282?

HSG282 is a Health and Safety document, which sets out guidance on how to manage and control the risks from legionella and other infections. It also includes any hazards that could be associated with the hot tub such as slippy floors.

The guide covers the entire supply chain from design and manufacture to the management of the hot tubs.

Basically, you must make sure that you carry out a risk assessment and that any findings are implemented. Secondly, ensure that your hot tub is compliant and thirdly keep all records of water treatment and testing.

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More information

You can read the guide in full here.